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When I say that in childhood I was restrained and shy, no one believes this. But the truth is that I had a normal childhood with my parents and younger brother. One day we had a party and he played with his friends in the yard, dousing each other with a hose. Looking at them, I felt something and seemed to understand what it was. I read a lot about this, but I did not manage to feel excitement in reality. Perhaps one guy noticed this later in the evening, when everyone fell asleep, he came to my room. Yes, that was exactly what I wanted – my first sex! When it was all over, I thought: is that all? The guy, of course, was very affectionate and nice to me, but I did not feel pain or pleasure, just boredom and despondency. It was an awkward experience in my life and until 19 years old I did not want to think about sex anymore.

How I became a prostitute in Kiev

At the age of 18, I was constantly sitting on social networks, it was some kind of addiction – to find guys and go on dates with them. Usually, I have not met more than once, but with one guy we did it regularly. I had a desire to try what I saw in the film Bonapit Deluxe (1961), where Audrey Hepburn plays a luxurious prostitute. It seemed to me that this lifestyle is ideal for me and suddenly I thought, why not take money for sex from him? I decided it was worth telling him immediately. I didn’t tell anyone – because I didn’t know whether I would like it at all, and I also didn’t want to condemn it. I just had a missed message from him, where he invited me to meet again, and I told him that now I do this only for money. I liked the feeling that prevailed at that moment. He agreed and this evening we went to a motel on the edge of town. I did everything according to the patterns of my favorite movie, earned money and left. I remember that at the end of the act I thought: “Will they seriously pay me for getting an orgasm?” Unlike many girls, I didn’t even regret it for a second. But there was one problem: I lived and studied in Kiev, and my parents were well-known people and I did not want my work to be made public. So I decided that I better focus on my studies until I find a way to continue my profitable hobby. Last year, I moved away from my parents and made a key decision: I created a blog and started working as a prostitute. Snezhana was born, my code name that I use today to communicate with clients.

By this time, few knew how I make a living. Friends who suggested what I was doing tried to dissuade me from such a profession, but it was all in vain. At first, I focused on increasing customer loyalty, so I try to satisfy all their whims indiscriminately. For example, I have never denied my clients a graduation service by mouth, but most prostitutes refuse such pleasure to clients. I thought that I needed to leave a mark on their memory, to make our meetings unforgettable. I had one rule – always end the meeting with a French kiss. Alas, not all of my clients were charmed princes, but many treated me like a princess and it flattered me. I realized that the one who hires a prostitute wants tenderness and feelings, and not just a girl who spreads her legs.

Is escort in Kiev a routine?

I think you are all very interested in what constitutes a prostitute’s routine. My routine has changed a lot since I became an elite escort girl. I can allow myself never to go on the tracks and not go to the cheap motel on the first message. I can say even more – now I can choose customers. If earlier I could serve a dozen guys in the evening, now I usually meet with three in the evening. For the most part, I like a married man, regardless of age. But there are some gay couples who regularly turn around and I like it, because sometimes I also want to try something new. Usually a meeting with a client lasts about an hour, sometimes of course, and all night, but this is rare. I can also say for sure that I fell in love with luxurious group sex parties, as in the movie Eyes Wide Shut. There I can rest my soul after everyday work, but at the same time I still get paid good money for it. Usually I never say how much my services cost exactly and therefore often get more than the usual price, thanks to the generosity of the men around.

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